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Top 5 breakdowns for big rigs

We often get calls for truck roadside assistance due to damaged or broken serpentine belts. when doing your pre trip inspection you should pop the hood and inspect your belt for damage. if you see fraying or chunks missing, then it is time to replace your engines serpentine belt.
this customer called for our mobile truck repair when the drive shaft came out of the truck. U-joints require grease when performing maintenance on your semi truck. when you visit our truck repair shop just ask us to check your driveline we can diagnose any concerns that you may have in a timely manner.
Fuel Filter's are another common cause for people to find themselves calling for truck repair on the side of the road. clogged fuel filters can cause your truck to run poorly, lose power or quit running all together.
Coolant hoses are often made of rubber and with trucks running all over the country throuh hot and cold weather and bumpy roads that cause vibtation, they can cause the coolant line to rub holes and break down with age. even the factory clamps can rub a hole into the hose and cause it to leak. so before you head out make sure to look at all of your coolant lines to asssure that you wont be calling us for mobile truck repair.
checking the brake pads or shoes on your semi truck can often times save you from big repair bills at the truck repair shop. brakes that are not adequate for safe stopping can cause a number of problems. from DOT station pulling you in and giving you a ticket or even worse, getting in an accident because your brakes were not working properly. when you visit highway 64 truck and trailer repair ask one of our technicians to look over your brakes to ensure that they are adjusted properly, not contaminated with oil or grease and that the brakes are still thick enough to comply with DOT regulations.